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Our company provides railway transportation of all kinds.

Rail transportation allow to organize cargo transportation by railways within Kazakhstan or outside its borders. This is one of the most universal and inexpensive types of transportation, ensuring high reliability and safety, particularly for transporting over long distances. Due to large load capacity and volume of cars as well as variety of platforms used for transportation, loads of any type can be shipped by railways, including oversized and various equipment.

Extensive experience of our staff and our Company allows us to arrange the shipment as soon as possible, thanks to a well-developed logistics service. We can also organize combined (multimodal) transport using trucks that deliver goods to the railway station, if the customer cannot solve this problem alone, as well as sea or river transport if there is any water obstacles.

For rail-ways shipment we use container-type cars, hoppers, tanks and loading platforms. Container-type cars are used for delivery of most cargoes – in pallets, packaged and not, freight-all-kinds and composite cargo. Depending on the volume of cargo and its type, we select containers of various capacity - 3 or 5 a tons. Refrigerated and insulated cars are used for perishable and foodstuff. Hoppers are used for transportation of bulk cargo, tanks – for liquid.

Platforms are mainly used for transportation of equipment: agricultural, military, traffic, utilities as well as vehicles of any other kind.

Cargo platforms have fasteners for cargo in transit as well as for protection from the external environment with use of tents and covers.

  • advising customers on choice of transport and terms of contract;
  • drafting and signing of contract for provision of services;
  • development of optimal route in order to minimize the time and cost expenses;
  • registration of accompanying and customs documents in accordance with international standards. Obtaining permits for export and import of goods of a certain type;
  • container preparation for shipment and its delivery to the place of loading;
  • development, production and preparation of rigging for fastening of oversized cargoes and equipment on platforms;
  • handling operations involving cranes, manipulators and other necessary equipment;
  • rigging works on cargo fastening in order to ensure their maximum safety on the road;
  • cargo shipment and its continuous monitoring along the route up to the destination;
  • notification of customer on arrival of cargo to destination.

For all questions relating to railway transportation, please contact to

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