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International air cargo transportation offer rapid cargo shipment from any point of the world in the shortest possible time. Today, our Company is able to deliver your cargo by air from a small cargo to freight of large cargo aircraft from any point of the world to Kazakhstan and vice versa.

According to the rules of the air cargo transportation (Warsaw Convention on international carriage by air (Montreal, 28 May 1999), acceptance of cargo for transport shall be conducted only if a correctly registered air waybill is available.

  1. Cargo transportation on international flights may be conducted on passenger and cargo aircrafts.
  2. Cargo for international carriage shall be subject to these rules:
    • import and export, transit of cargo should be allowed by laws and regulations of the country to, from or through the territory of the shipment;
    • cargo dimensions shall ensure its free handling, placing at baggage and cargo compartments of aircrafts and its fixing;
    • at transportation on scheduled passenger aircrafts the weight and dimensions of the load should not exceed the limits established by the regulations;
    • cargo shall have all the required documents enclosed;
    • cargo shall not endanger the aircraft, its passengers and property, also its properties shall not create inconveniences to passengers.
  3. Cargo exceeding the set limits on weight and dimensions may be accepted for carriage only with consent of the carrier.

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